Growth of Gaming Industry

From "The Growth of the Computer and Video Game Industry" by Adam Bryzak:

An interesting correlation between the computer and video game industry against the movie and music industry brought up was brought up in this article. It was compared that sales figures of the games in 2005 amount to $7.0 billion, closing up the gap against the U.S. box office which was $8.99 billion and the recording industry’s sales at $12.3 billion.

Over the past 10 years, the gaming industry has evolved and growth so much that it is now a competitive entertainment medium against the traditional businesses. Through records, the gameing industry has also almost tripled dollar sales since 1996 however the recording industry has decreased sales since 1996 by more than $0.2 billion.

Is the gaming industry becoming a threat to the movie and music industry?

Most people wouldn't think so. I believe that all these industries are inseparable, movie inspire games, games need music, music inspires movies, so on and so forth. There is a huge number of connection between this industries and the gradual drop in the recording/ music industry was due to an equalization effect from the introduction of a new industry.

As long as people have the need to relax, there will always be a need for the entertainment industry and each being an individual will tend to differ in taste for the category of entertainment they would indulge in.


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